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Portfolio Calculator

The Portfolio Calculator is a tool that can be used to design a custom portfolio by selecting individual trading systems and the number of contracts to trade. The Portfolio Calculator is a Microsoft Excel worksheet that includes all of the trading system results on an end of day basis. It is a database of our trading systems and can be used to do combined equity curve analysis of a portfolio of trading systems or for a quick equity curve and drawdown analysis for each individual trading system.

Each system leases for $50/month for every 2 contracts. Manually update this number in multiples of $50 per trading system selected to see the performance net of lease fees. If you design your own portfolio, Contact Us for help setting this up as volume discounts are offered for multiple contracts.

Enter the number of contracts for each system and Press F9 or go to the Formulas tab and select Calculate Now to update the results of your selection. Results are inclusive of $25 round turn slippage and commission.