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Capstone Trading Systems is a fully automated trading systems developer who develops short term financial market trading strategies. The strategies that are developed are based on observable financial market patterns which are verified through coding and testing. The strategies are placed into an algorithm and developed to run in the Tradestation, MultiCharts and NinjaTrader Platforms. The trading systems will generate trading signals for long and short trades for short term traders who seek to capitalize on price fluctuations during the day. The strategies can be traded automatically on your computer or server for your account in the futures, forex, ETF’s, and stock markets around the world. Our strategies can be leased or purchased individually or in portfolio combinations.

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Trading system portfolios are developed by combining different trading systems that use different trading methods in order to seek risk adjusted returns through diversity. Multi-market, multi-strategy trading systems that trade trend and counter trend approaches provide opportunities to profit in every type of market environment. Experience in the markets and understanding each systems response to certain market conditions will allow for a determination of which systems will work best in current market environments.

We offer multiple automated trading system portfolios for different levels of capitalization. The portfolios are available in the Tradestation, NinjaTrader, and MultiCharts platforms and can be traded at many different brokerage firms that support these platforms.



The Money Management Algorithm Tool, also known as the Equity Curve Algorithm Tool is the only tool that will allow you to extensively test and automate the same setup as your back test. The tool is an open code solution with a Members Area that can be customized as there are an infinite number of combinations.

The Money Management Algorithms serve as a trading system for your trading system. Tracking and trading the equity curve of your trading system is a method you can use to determine how to allocate capital to your strategies and ultimately manage your money.


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Capstone Trading Systems, is a trading systems researcher and developer of automated algorithmic trading systems and indicators for short term traders. If you are an active trader or alternative asset manager seeking alpha and managing risk in the financial markets then you will be interested in the strategies we offer.

Our strategies are developed for the Tradestation, MultiCharts, and NinjaTrader platforms.

The platforms listed above can be setup to send real time trading signals to a number of different brokers including interactive Brokers.

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