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A NinjaTrader 7 Strategy for Gold Futures

Gold Flash NinjaTrader 7

The Gold Flash trading system is a new strategy that is designed to trade gold futures by capturing "flash" moves. In the last few years we have witnessed the tendency for gold to make quick moves down, only to reverse and mean revert back to the price from which it began and then for price to move higher. 

Gold Flash has a single entry rule and uses a stop loss and profit target. We trade this strategy on one minute charts and designed it specifically to take advantage this new and emerging pattern that we have witnessed since 2014. Gold Flash takes advantage of the mean reversion patterns we witness during news events and economic reports such as FOMC and the Monthly Jobs Report (BLS). 


 NinjaTrader 7 Hypothetical Performance Summary Gold Flash
03/25/2014 - 12/26/2017
No Slippage or Commission
Price is not required to exceed the limit for fills
Gold Flash Futures NInjaTrader 7 Performance

Gold Flash NinjaTrader 7 Trading System Inputs
Gold Flash NinjaTrader 7 Trading System Data Settings