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Forex Trading Secrets E-Book

Forex Trading Secrets

Discover three forex trading secrets that we use to improve a basic strategy that was published in Currency Trader Magazine June 2007. Focusing on the Euro Currency futures and forex, this E-book shows how we do research, how to analyze different time frames, rule isolation, tricks for using stochastics and more.  In six chapters, you will be able to follow us through the research and trading systems development so that you can learn how to develop a trading system based on known research and the forex trading secrets we reveal. In the process of designing this strategy, we look at strategies that work as well as strategies that do not work, and in the end, we find two additional trading systems (three total) that are fully disclosed.

Learn how to make minor PowerLanguage and EasyLanguage programming adjustments to the strategy so that it will work on the forex as well as futures. Also, learn how to trade one strategy manually, as long as you have access to delayed quotes, even if it is from your smart phone.

  • Three Forex Trading Secrets Revealed
  • How to use Rule Isolation and mini trading systems
  • A trading system for the early evening session (5-11 pm CST)
  • How to use "time diversity"
  • PowerLanguage/EasyLanguage programming tips
  • How to use a smartphone to manually trade
  • Three fully disclosed trading systems


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