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The Cobra III Trading System was initially developed in 2005 with the latest release in 2009. Since that time the entry rules have remained unchanged. In November 2016, we changed the interval from five minute bars to 15 minute bars.

Cobra III trades in the direction of a strong and well established intra-day trends. This strategy is limited to one entry per day. In early 2018, when volatility increased, the stop loss was updated from $300 to $600 per contract and the profit target was removed. Daily risk is fixed with Cobra III since it only takes one trade per day maximum. The best description for the way this strategy works in just a few words would be “middle trend finder”.

This strategy is designed for the Tradestation, Ninjatrader, and MultiCharts platforms.

Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq
Hypothetical Performance Summary
No Slippage or Commission
2/12/2001 - 10/04/2019

Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq
Hypothetical Performance Summary
No Slippage or Commission
08/18/2014 - 10/04/2019


Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq is one of our top strategies. We go into the latest trades and look at the equity peak made as of August 16, 2019.

The rest of 2019 could provide us with some nice trading opportunities as we like trading the E-mini Nasdaq at these levels.

We go into the history of this strategy and discuss the latest entry rules were developed 10 years ago. In 2018, we started trading this on the E-mini Nasdaq with a $600 stop loss instead of a $300 stop loss (used in the E-mini S&P) and removed the profit target. This setup give us the opportunity to cut losses short and ride winners or hit home runs if a big move occurs.

Cobra III NQ Short Trade 05/23/2019

Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq did not trade yesterday. It is taking the short side today though. Risking 30 points in the NQ with a maximum of one trade per day.

Yesterday we discussed of winning streaks and losing streaks and how Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq can have two losses in a row followed by a winner. There was quite a bit of euphoric "propping up" of the markets last week. Cobra III NQ seems to be taking trades that work best based on the underlying trend. The January the April rally signals a strong uptrend based on price and new highs for the Nasdaq and S&P but fundamentally, the market still appears to be in a downtrend. There has been a big divergence between price and fundamentals as is often the case in the markets.

Its hard to short gap downs but some of the biggest trades in 2018, did just that, shorted a gap downs.

Best Strategy Going into 5/22/2019

My Best Automated Trading System going into today's trade is Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq.

Lately it has a had a pattern where it experiences two losers in a row followed by a winner. Monday and Tuesday both experienced a loss and the count is now two losers in a row. I prefer a strategy that cuts losses and lets profits run. That is how Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq is setup, with a max of one trade per day with a 30 point stop loss. I am looking forword to the next trade in this strategy.

Strategy of the Week 5/17/2019

Amid the frustration this week, Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq was the top strategy of the week and continues to stand out in comparison to all of my other trading systems. I like trading a portfolio of strategies but the trade war volatility and tweet storms have created a more news driven market cycle than usual and have been pretty challenging for a lot of strategies

Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq, has a lot of fire power and this strategy continues to stand out and perform well.

If you ask me, What is the single best strategy to trade right now, Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq is the right day trade strategy for this market. The reason it is the right strategy, is based on how it enters a trade and how we limit the risk of the strategy to one trade per day with a 30 point stop loss. As you probably know, the E-mini Nasdaq has the tendency to make some pretty big moves. The Cobra pattern (that you can learn about in the open code purchase) has been in sync with this market for awhile and the daily ranges in the Nasdaq are at a sweet spot for this strategy.If you want to simplify your trading, a strategy like Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq can do that.

Starting After 3 Consecutive Losers

January 17, 2019

We always recommend starting or adding to a trading system after a drawdown or a series of losers since drawdowns and losing streaks are a very normal and cyclical part of systematic daytrading. On January 17, 2019, we show how there have been three consecutive losers.