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A Strategy for Currency Futures
Euro Currency Futures

Cobra II Euro Currency

The Cobra II Euro Currency is a trend following automated trading systems and is a trading system update for Cobra Euro Currency on 8/3/2011. The original Cobra Euro Currency trading system was developed in 2009 based on the stock index Cobra trading system and had 3 levels of selectivity. The upgrade has simplified the strategy by removing a couple of price based requirements, modifying the range filter, and requiring that long trades are entered in the upper 25% of the current day’s range while short trades are entered in the lower 25% of the current day’s ranges.

We also have changed the entry times for taking trades. These times are from 6:30 am – 11:00 am EST. The Euro has some good trends during this time frame over the last few years. The proprietary Cobra pattern that is used in all Cobra Trading Systems remains unchanged. The original Cobra Euro strategy called some good trades but had a low average trade profit and took too many bad trades as well. Cobra II Euro Currency is more selective and will replace the Cobra Euro Currency strategy.

Tradestation Hypothetical Performance Cobra Euro Currency
No Slippage or Commission
09/06/2001 - 09/30/2016
Cobra Euro Currency Tradestation Performance Summary