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Asia Gold IV

Asia Gold IV is a proprietary trading system developed to trade in the Tradestation, NinjaTrader, and MultiCharts platforms. It begins trading during the asian session at 7 pm EST and can hold positions overnight and over the weekend.

The gold market offers opportunities for traders around the clock and after a slow 2018, we like the potential opportunities in 2019. As of March, we are already seeing some favorable price action for our trading strategies.

The strategy uses a $500 stop loss per contract and $1000 profit target per contract. During the day session, between 9 am and 3 pm EST, there is an additional day trade profit target that is less than $1000. Overnight the reward to risk ratio is 2:1.

Asia Gold IV in NinjaTrader 8

Asia Gold IV is a fully automated trading system that also works in NinjaTrader 8. The number of contracts can be adjusted up to the limit of your license. The strategy is a short only strategy and based on a proprietary pattern that has developed since 2013. The entries occur between 7-8 pm EST. The stop loss is set to 5 points while the profit target is set to 10 points. During the day session, there is an additional exit strategy that can be activated before it hits its profit target.

The strategy was manually built (as opposed to the strategy builder) and is based on proprietary patterns in the Gold futures market. There are no indicators used in this strategy and optimization was not part of the development process.

The Time in Force that should be used with this strategy should be GTC or Good Til Cancelled instead of Day since this strategy holds trades overnight and over the weekend. Also, it is possible to adjust the stop loss and profit target in this strategy. Keep in mind, the stop loss and profit target are on a per contract basis as opposed to "per position".