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Tradestation Platform

Tradestation Platform

Receive up to $4,500+ re-imbursement
  from TradeStation through their commission rebate program
when you open a Tradestation Account
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I began studying and trading the markets in January 1995 when I graduated from college and was working as an electrical engineer in the wireless telecommunications industry. I started with fundamental analysis and transitioned into technical analysis and charting programs. I purchased every course and book I could find on trading systems. I started with Tradestation’s Super Charts in 1997 for end of day analysis.

In the late 90′s we were in a strong bull market and it seemed almost everyone was making money buying anything (until the bubble popped). I became interested in intra-day analysis and what goes on inside those daily bars so I purchased Tradestation 4.0. This was a big investment for me at $2400, just a few years out of school and learning how to trade. I also invested in historical intra-day data that had to be purchased to go into the Tradestation platform. I finally developed some intra-day trading systems and was able to trade them while I worked. I even moved from Texas and took a job in California in 1998 so that I could at least day-trade the open, since the market opens at 6:30 am in California and I didn’t have to be at work until 8:00. In 2000, I developed a series of swing trading systems for the stock index futures  that I would begin trading full time in 2001.

By 2001, I went full time into trading and can not imagine learning what I have learned and being able to develop the trading systems that I have without the use of Tradestation.  Back then automation wasn’t as easy and I would sit in front of my computer and enter trades manually as the signals appeared on the screen. Investment into real time quotes as well as historical data was necessary.

Today it is so much easier now with the Tradestation online platform. You get the platform, historical data, live data, and brokerage execution all in one instead of using 4 different services (live quotes provider, historical quote provider, 3rd party broker, and the Tradestation platform). It is easier and much less expensive to get started.

If you have a Tradestation account, the platform is fees are waived with 10 trades per month on futures. The CME Group data fees for electronic markets on the CME, CBOT, COMEX, and NYMEX are only $20/month. (In the past the exchange data fees for these 4 exchanges were almost $300/month) with historical data purchases costing $1000′s.


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*I do not receive any compensation for referrals to any of the trading platforms or partners on the partner list.  I make recommendations based on trading tools that I have used and believe would be useful for other traders.