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200K Portfolio

The 200K Trading System Portfolio trades nine different commodity futures markets using 24 different automated trading system algorithms. It includes SR CounterTrend II and SR CounterTrend II v2 as well as Cobra III, Tick Count Trend II, Mirror, Gap Continue IIB, and Gold Flash. All strategies are day trade strategies. This portfolio is designed to work with the Tradestation, NinjaTrader, and MultiCharts Platforms.

This portfolio was developed with existing strategy and started tracking on June 12, 2018. The portfolio allocation matrix is shown below. We also go over the trading platform setup and the individual performance summaries of each algorithm. The allocation is to trade one contract for each of the 24 algorithms. The strategies in this portfolio have been backtested to January 2007, with the exception of Gold Flash.  

200K Portfolio Trading Setup

200K Portfolio Strategy Allocation

200K Portfolio Individual Algorithm Performance

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