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Weekly Portfolio Trading Systems Results 01/01/2017 - 01/06/2017

Posted by David Bean on

2017 is off to a positive start in the Portfolios. The trading system results are shown below the VIX chart. The portfolio results includes the number of trades so that your slippage and commission calculations can be customized. The number in the far right column represents the results after $25 round turn slippage and commission. 

Did you know that Gold, Crude Oil, and Euro Currency futures also have a VIX? Here is a chart with the symbols.$VIX.X, $GVX.X (Gold), $OVX.X (Oil), $EVX.X (Euro). You can see the SUM of the VIXs at the bottom. It isn't information I use to trade but could be something to consider. This past week was slow and the $VIX.X is low with Monday as a holiday.

The SUM of the VIX's are also low at 66.59, the lowest since October 2014 (other than the 12/21/2016 reading of 66.29). The portfolios still did well. Next week should pick up as it will be the first full week of trading with a President Elect press conference on Wednesday and the start of Q4 Earnings releases. The following week is the Presidential inauguration with new policy decisions potentially driving the markets.

Here are this weeks results. Since it is the first week of the month, the results are for the week, month, and year all in one.

I was wrong yesterday when I anticipated that the Dow would hit 20k. The high of the day was 0.37 points away. The beauty of being a trader is that you can be wrong more than right and still be profitable. We don't have to be prophets as traders; but anticipating what might happen is part of trading.

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