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Weekly Portfolio Trading System Results 12/4/2016 - 12/9/2016

Posted by David Bean on

We are showing positive results this week from the trading signals in the portfolio. One month after the election, the portfolios have done well being in sync with the market.

Stocks at all time highs this week. Bulls and bears on both sides. The tape is strong so be careful trying to call a long term top or shorting this market. The "it ought to go down" crowd because it is due for a correction can be right at any time but its important to take a hard look at the strength of this trend. The mega trade that calls a lifetime top or bottom is different than the day to day trading we do and can be a difficult approach in my opinion.

Seasonals can show a Santa Claus rally with fund managers chasing return and potential tax reform in the new year could keep tax loss selling at a minimum for the year end.

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