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Weekly Portfolio Trading System Results 11/26/2017 - 12/01/2017

Posted by David Bean on

We include the weekly portfolio trading system results for the week ending on December 1, 2017. 

The week started slow but we had some nice gains to finish the week with more extended ranges going in our favor and profits in all portfolios for the week. It was a bounce back week to finish off the month strong but still down on the month of November.

The report below includes the weekly results through December 1 and also includes the monthly results through November 30th. The monthly results do not include the trade for December 1. The red strategies are the strategies that were removed this month and while there are signals for many of those strategies over the last couple of weeks, we stopped posting the results for those strategies when we stopped trading them but kept the monthly results to the point in which we stopped trading them. The green strategies are the new strategies. The signals for the new strategies do not start until the week of November 19th so while some of the strategies in green may have had more trades and trades before November 19th, the results reflect when they were placed in the portfolio.

The results below are hypothetical results based on the trading system signals. We trade the strategies and portfolios but we don't trade all systems, all of the time, and do use some discretion when determining which strategies to trades. We also do take additional discretionary trades. Some of the trading system trades shown may be taken while other trades may not be taken, based on our discretion. For this reason, the information here should be considered informational and educational and can represent how our trading software operates on different platforms.

For the purpose of this blog post, since we do use discretion in our live trading: All trades presented are NOT LIVE TRADED IN A LIVE ACCOUNT and should be considered hypothetical.

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