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Weekly Portfolio Trading System Results 11/19/2017 - 11/24/2017

Posted by David Bean on

We include the weekly portfolio trading system results for the week ending on November 24, 2017. 

It was a slow week with the Thanksgiving holiday. There was only one trade in the 25K Portfolio. In the 100K and One Million, some of our top strategies, SR CounterTrend Silver and Gold Flash traded, but were down on the week. 

We updated the portfolios starting on the 17th and the results below reflect the updates. The strategies in red still show the monthly results but no long show any trades on the week since we discontinued the strategies in red. The strategies in green were added and the weekly and monthly results only reflect the results from November 17th forward. For example, Tick Pulse traded last week but it does not show any trades below since we discontinued trading Tick Pulse in the current portfolios (for now) on November 15th. The monthly results through the 15th are reflected. In the 100K Portfolio, LVDTL E-mini S&P reflects trading starting on November 17th. The One Million Portfolio has traded LVDTL since the beginning of November and the results for LVDTL reflects those trades since the beginning of November and is the reason whey there is a difference in some strategies in the 100K vs the One Million (other than the 5 contracts different).

The results below are hypothetical results based on the trading system signals. We trade the strategies and portfolios but we don't trade all systems, all of the time, and do use some discretion when determining which strategies to trades. We also do take additional discretionary trades. Some of the trading system trades shown may be taken while other trades may not be taken, based on our discretion. For this reason, the information here should be considered informational and educational and can represent how our trading software operates on different platforms.

For the purpose of this blog post, since we do use discretion in our live trading: All trades presented are NOT LIVE TRADED IN A LIVE ACCOUNT and should be considered hypothetical.

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