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Weekly Portfolio Trading System Results 10/22/2017 - 10/27/2017

Posted by David Bean on

We include the weekly portfolio trading system results for the week ending on October 27, 2017. All portfolios are up on the week with a nice bounce back in volatility. The 25K and 100K are now up on the month and the One Million is down less than 1% on the month with two trading days left. There were some incredible ranges and trends in the Nasdaq and Crude Oil on Friday.

The stock index strategies recommended last week had a good week. We will be looking to add some exposure to the E-mini Nasdaq as there was a big divergence in price movement and trend from the traditional indexes such as the E-mini S&P. One way to capture some profit is in the weekly stock options of Nasdaq stocks. Our AAPL 160 calls  worked well on Friday. We are looking for a bounce back in the Biotechs this week and will be watching the CELG weekly calls. You have to consider the potential for a repeat of the dot com bubble 20 years ago and the potential opportunities over the next two years. Look for opportunities to take small risks to capture big moves.

Cyrpto currencies are quiet right now. If the Nasdaq continues to rally, funds could continue to focus on the tech stocks and the moves in Cryptos could be minimal through December. I am still bullish long term on the crypto currencies.

The White House will release the new Federal Reserve appointees this week and that could be a market mover.

The results below are hypothetical results based on the trading system signals. We trade the strategies and portfolios but we don't trade all systems, all of the time, and do use some discretion when determining which strategies to trades. Some of the trades shown may be taken while other may not be taken. The information here should be considered informational and educational and can represent how our trading software operates on different platforms.

For the purpose of this blog post: All trades presented are NOT LIVE TRADED IN A LIVE ACCOUNT and should be considered hypothetical.

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