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Weekly Portfolio Trading System Results 07/09/2017 - 07/14/2017

Posted by David Bean on

Weekly Portfolio Trading Systems Signal Results
Out of Sample Walk Forward Trading System Signals 
For the Week of 07/09/2017 - 07/14/2017

The week ended with a nice trade in Tick Pulse as you can see in the live trade video from Friday. It was such a stealth move higher as the NYSE TICK stayed below 800 on the day. The VIX stayed below 10 but the market didn't really "surge" (low NYSE TICK). Keep an eye on 9.37 in the VIX as that is the most recent low and second all time low and a day when the NYSE TICK is above 1000 for a potential short term top for a short scalp, day-trade, or swing trade based on low VIX profit taking. This could be especially true if there were also some negative news that hits the market at the same time. The bulls really wants that next big level of 2500 in the S&P and I don't know there is much that can stop them.

The 25K and 50K Portfolios were up on the week while the 100K and One Million were down on the week. You can see a list of the strategy signals for each of the portfolios. The far right column is the monthly result inclusive of $25 round turn slippage and commission. The Week and Month columns do not include slippage and commission numbers but the number of trades are included so that you can customize the results for your own calculations if you have a different slippage and commission number. 

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