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Weekly Portfolio Results 03-19-2017 through 03-24-2017

Posted by David Bean on

It was a drawdown week with losses in all the portfolios as we discussed on Tuesday and it is the type of drawdown that historically, offers a lower risk entry point into the portfolios. I would rather enter and start on a drawdown than to buy an equity peak. This is the type of logic you want to use when starting a strategy or portfolio as well as if you are already in a portfolio. Do you exit during a drawdown if that is the point of entry you would like if you weren't already in the strategy or portfolio?

Exhaust and Reverse was the most challenging strategy on Tuesday's nearly 40 point drop. We haven't seen many markets like that lately. It had two nice winners in a row on Friday to recover some and is also at a good entry point.

SR CounterTrend Gold was the highlight and on its 18th winner in a row. 

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