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Weird E-mini S&P Strategy Continues to Get It

Posted by David Bean on

Tick Count Trend II 1m continues to perform in was is a confusing market for trend day traders. You have to have a diverse approach for this market and Tick Count Trend II continues to take trades that I wouldn't normally take. It is hard to watch but it continues to do well, which I know is the correct approach because all of the trades I would prefer to take aren't working out so well.
Tick Count Trend II steps in and takes trades that seem "wrong" but continues to make equity peaks.
This system is on for this market and provides diversity to trend strategies like Cobra III NQ.
We continue to recommend the 4 system model for smaller accounts (as these 4 strategies are also in our larger portfolios).
Tick Count Trend II 1m
Tick Count Trend II 5m
Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq
E-mini S&P Night Trader

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