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Trend Trading the Euro Currency

Posted by David Bean on

Mario Draghi spike today and Cobra Euro captured the short trade. The ECB will end QE. This is my best Euro Currency trading system as we go over the 17 year backtest to 2001 (developed in 2009 with the latest update in 2011) in the video below.

It doesn't trade much but that is good! You need a low frequency trading system to get an edge. If you find a high frequency trading system that takes advantaged of a market inefficiency, chances are, it won't last long as the market makes will trade against it. If you hit them 1-5 times a month (per system), they won't know what you are doing. They can't remove all inefficiencies at the same time and this is where we step in. Average trade profits are also higher in low frequency strategies.

With central banks ending QE and raising interest rates, I believe the cycle towards slightly more trendy currency markets (and markets in general) will benefit this strategy. Since the trade frequency is so low right now, we have a special offer on an annual subscription.

Annual Subscription $300/month
(up to 2 contracts)



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