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Trading Signals for 25K, 50K, 100K, and 1 Million Weekly Update

Posted by David Bean on

Below are the results for this weeks trade (for the week of November 14th - 18th). You can quickly look at the spreadsheet results to give you an overview or the 14 minute video for a more detailed view.

The most common question I get, "Which strategy should I trade if I only traded one system". The answer is in the video but Tick Pulse is the one strategy that we recommend.  

Holiday shorted week this week for Thanksgiving. We don't trade the portfolios on days when the stock market is not open for the full day. This means no portfolio trading on Thursday or Friday since the market is closed on Thursday and trades half a day on Friday. You are welcome to do so at your discretion. There can be some big moves in Crude Oil around Thanksgiving with OPEC meetings.

I am still doing some detailed work on some interesting strategies including Order Book related strategies and a potential Money Management Algorithm/Pinpoint Entry that looks at the order book. It is hard to back test order book strategies but I have a way to do it. NinjaTrader 8 is out this week and this latest version has all 10 levels in the order book (NinjaTrader 7 only had 5 levels in the order book). The Market Replay feature allows us to back test this type of approach. Almost finished with the C# code.

Capstone Trading Systems Portfolio Results
(hypothetical and does not include slippage and commission,
discussed in the video)

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