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Trading Plan for 2017

Posted by David Bean on

Its hard to believe that there are only two trading days left in 2016 after today's trade. We welcome 2017 and all the potential "uknowns". The cycle of trading has been back since the election and the beginning of an increase in interest rates back towards more historical norms.

Our recommended trading plan for 2017 continues to be one of our portfolios. Depending on your account, there are several different allocation sizes including: 25K, 50K, 100K, or $1 Million Portfolios. If you have a smaller account and only want to trade one strategy, we recommend Tick Pulse.

We show the latest results for all the portfolios below through 12/31/2016 along with our end of year special offers on the annual subscriptions.

$25K Portfolio

$50K Portfolio

$100K Portfolio


$1 Million Portfolio

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