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Trading on the Last Day of Q1

Posted by David Bean on

We go over the latest trades in Q1 and the trading plan for Q2. You will get the updates this weekend if you have the 100K or One Million Dollar Portfolio as there are now 21 strategies in the 100K and One Million Dollar Portfolio. The updates will be shown on the website and include the transition. The 25K Portfolio and 50K Portfolios remain the same. The Special Offer for the 100K Annual Subscription through this weekend (expires Monday at noon) and includes 21 strategies for 12 months is here.

VIX Swing is a new strategy listed on our website and is included with the MM Algorithms but can also be leased. We recommend trading it with the MM Algorithms though.

Pessimism One will be added to our website soon.

Gold Flash did not signal any trades in March but we still like this strategy and are adding it to the 100K and One Million Dollar Portfolios.

SR CounterTrend Silver had 3 winners in a row this week (although Thursday's exit was a bit inefficient). We released it earlier this week and is also being added to the 100K and One Million Dollar Portfolios.

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