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Trading Choppy Stock Index Markets

Posted by David Bean on

One of the best ways to trade narrow ranging choppy markets is to counter trend trade the choppiest stock index with a lower daily dollar range and then trade a trend strategy on the stock index with the largest daily dollar ranges.

Exhaust and Reverse is on five winners in a row after last weeks drawdown as the markets continue to chop after a large trend day. It has been many years since we have seen continued multiple sell off days. The E-mini S&P can be one of the trickiest markets to trade and when we have narrow ranges, you want to buy pullbacks the way Exhaust and Reverse does.

Tick Count Trend DAX Money Management Algorithm is a strategy to trade on the DAX. The DAX has such big moves that even in a choppy, narrow ranging market, the small moves can be big enough to capture a day trade trend. This is an example of a walk forward test and analysis as this workspace hasn't been opened in over a year. We show the results without the MM Algorithm and the results with the MM Algorithm. The DAX may seem "scary" but during narrow ranges, the price movement can be favorable.

There is always opportunity, even though it can be challenging to find at times.

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