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Tradestation Hacks in the 100K Portfolio

Posted by David Bean on

Today, I want to discuss some of the hacks (or tricks) when trading automated trading systems or algorithms in Tradestation. There is a difference between the bubble fill signal and the trading system signal. The difference is the slippage. This is one of my most frequently asked questions and can cause some confusion when understanding fills versus actual signals.

You should know that bubble signal will show up on charts for which there is no trade signal (arrow signal). If you have 10 trading systems on one market in the same account, for example, the bubble signal (representing all actual fills) will show all the actual trades on your chart and it may look like you have too many trade signals. It is important to look at the signal on the chart and notice the difference between the bubble signal (actual trade) and arrow signal (trading system signal). The video below goes into more detail as we discuss some of the trades today in the 100K Portfolios.

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