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The Next Market Move

Posted by David Bean on

If you are like me, it seems like this must be what is happening lately! As I write this, there is breaking news and the markets are on the move. 

Welcome to the election cycle!

The markets will eventually move and I am betting on the fact that it will start moving more after the election as well as pre-election with breaking news events like this. 

If you are waiting for a time to start, now is one of the best times all year in my opinion. The market moved in January but has become increasingly quiet since that time. Trading opportunities are cyclical and there will be a new regime in place soon.

Our 25K Portfolio is one opportunity. The special offer for a 10 system portfolio expires at the end of the day. Here are the two most recent posts with the special sign up link about the 25k Portfolio.

25K Portfolio Portfolio Offer

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Here are some other discretionary trading ideas that may work best with options.

You could also short the market if Trump wins as the price action around the breaking news today and overall sentiment on the street seems to have previously believed that Clinton will win. If there were a surprise Trump victory, it would shock Wall Street and there could be an initial pullback in the markets followed by a rate hike by the Fed. If you take this approach, you may have to start shorting now after this news event. 

If the market continues to sell into the election as we thought it might and if Clinton wins, then the market would probably rally, but only if the market sells off into the election. You should also be aware of "Fed Speak". If Clinton wins and the market rally's, the Fed may finally start raising interest rates.

If Trump wins, Biotechs could soar, but maybe not right away if the overall market sells off. Biotechs have been beaten down on the premise of heavy regulation from a Clinton presidency. 

These are just a few obvious trades. There are so many. Looking forward to the action. Trade Well!


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