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SR CounterTrend II Update Soybeans and Natural Gas

Posted by David Bean on

SR CounterTrend II is now available on Soybeans and Natural Gas. We show the test results in the video below. I continue to be surprised at how well this strategy tests well on so many markets for 10+ years. I still have not fully tested this strategy on all markets (as this could be a multi-year project). Some of my current subscribers have jumped in and researched this and are reporting some results they like better than my default inputs. We go over the Soybeans and Natural Gas in the video below.

You can see the inputs for all markets below the video as well as the GRAINS NEW custom session setup. If you have SR CounterTrend II for Tradestation, you can download the workspace update below. Make sure you setup the GRAINS NEW custom session before you open the workspace.

If you don't have SR CounterTrend II, you can get the Annual Subscription.

The open code special offer is available through Friday - Contact Us. This gives you even more versatility to modify the structure of the strategy and add your own rules and experience.

SR CounterTrend II Updated Workspace
(won't work without the ELD subscription)

GRAINS NEW Custom Session Setup

Inputs for All Markets
Download the Excel Spreadsheet

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