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SR CounterTrend II Crude Oil Cycles

Posted by David Bean on

SR CounterTrend II strategies have under performed lately but are "cycling back in" this week.

When I developed SR CounterTrend II, the thought process was more about a market that moves in "waves" rather than a market that moves in V patterns. I believe that we are done with this major V cycle we have seen in the markets as this has mainly affected the energies and metals in their relation to stock indexes.

Its hard to imagine there would be another major V cycle, but it is possible. I like the opportunity for the cycle we are entering now for SR CounterTrend II strategies.

The market of the week for this has been Crude Oil as there were three winners in a row in SR CounterTrend II Crude Oil and one winner in SR CounterTrend IV Crude Oil.

You can get an annual subscription to SR CounterTrend II here.

A subscription to one of the portfolios is a better option though as it offers you some additional diversity.



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