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Soybeans Swing - Aggressive or Conservative?

Posted by David Bean on

Today we look at the seasonality of our Soybeans Swing trading system. Historically, May through December is much stronger than the first four months of the year, especially on the Aggressive version. We go over the difference in the video of the risk vs reward, some of the recent live trades in the portfolio, and the portfolio results from April which were losses across the board.

The Soybeans Swing Conservative trading system is in the 100K Portfolio. If you have the risk tolerance and want to trade the Aggressive version, you can set this up on your end by changing one input.

The Soybeans Swing strategy has backtests to 1984 with pit data and is programmed to work in Tradestation 9, NinjaTrader 7, NinjaTrader 8, and MultiCharts 10.


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