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Shorting Coffee Futures

Posted by David Bean on

You know you are futures trader if you hope your Starbucks is cheaper after a nice short trade or a long loss in Coffee. Coffee DayTrader, which is in the 100K and One Million Dollar Portfolio went short and hit its profit target 3 minutes later with no slippage. It is a nice trade on the last day of the month in what has been a challenging market to trade and we are still off the equity peaks and in a drawdown in all the portfolios.

In general, all financial and commodity markets have been challenging with equity indexes that continue to model fixed income investments more than they model free markets since there has been continued central bank intervention around the world. There is a cycle for everything and prolonged price stability (a responsibility of the Fed) will eventually create massive price dislocations once true price discovery takes place.

Gap Fill and Reverse is long Crude Oil after OPEC announced production cuts through 2018 today. This news was already in the market so we do not see much response to the upside today so far.

Tomorrow, we begin the last month of 2017 and we are looking for a bounce in the equity curve to the upside as ranges have picked up the last two weeks.

We are almost done with the 100K and One Million Dollar portfolio updates for NinjaTrader as the programming takes longer in C# than in EasyLanguage. We hope to have those this weekend. This includes Coffee DayTrader in the video below.

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