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Portfolio Snapshot and Crude Longs

Posted by David Bean on

The markets are doing what we had anticipated for post election trade and the strategies we have selected to start after the election are off to a strong start. We anticipate continued favorable markets for trading in the next few months.

Last night Crude Oil had a wide ranging move. I have noticed a pattern in Crude that if the trend is up, there is a tendency to come all the way back and take out the lows and then move higher. Our Crude Oil After Hours strategy went from up 50 points to a small loss and then higher to hit its 70 point profit target to exit. Crude Oil then took another dip and SR CounterTrend Crude Oil got long on a trade buying the pullback and then captured nearly 70 points on the move as it exited near the highs.

The systems were in sync with these moves and SR CounterTrend Crude could get long again if the market pulls back below $48/barrel. 

The video below shows these trades and a quick snap shot of all the trades so far this week in the portfolios as Cobra III and SR CounterTrend Gold both traded for profits yesterday.

We don't trade on Thursday or Friday this week with the holiday.

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