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NinjaTrader 8 Indicator for Daily Profit and Loss

Posted by David Bean on

I have this indicator in Tradestation and now I have it in NinjaTrader 8. I will be sending it out to you if you have a NinjaTrader 8 subscription. It will be available soon on the website. You can plot the Daily P/L, the Trade P/L, Net profit since the beginning of the chart. It is based on the trade signals on the chart and allows you to see measure hypothetical profits against actual and to visually be able to see trades more easily if you have many strategies.

The Net Profit plot is a great tool to let you know that your strategy is on. Some strategies don't trade for a few days, so you may not see historical signals on previous days as normal. However, your strategy could also be "off". You can quickly check this on the chart as long as the Net Profit plot shows values which are updated on the current day.

We also show some of the 100K Portfolio trades today in the charts.


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