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Nice FOMC Trades Today and Collective 2

Posted by David Bean on

My worse trade ever was in January 2001 when I flipped from being long the big S&P to short the S&P one minute before a surprise rate cut that sent the S&P soaring and I lost approximately 50 points per contract (instead of making 50 points per contract) in seconds. The big S&P was the pit traded contract worth $250 a point (equivalent to 5 E-minis). A 50 point move on one contract is $12,500. The Federal Reserve has the tendency to increase my stress level.

Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq signaled a long trade today at 6717.50 and an exit signal at 6814.75. When having the flu/cold and FOMC on the horizon, I may turn the strategies off early and (miss big trades like today).

Today was one of those day's where the 25K Portfolio hit it big on Cobra III ES and Cobra III NQ. Cobra Euro IV also had a nice day. SR CounterTrend II Gold had a small profit. The strategy signals did well and the 25K Portfolio is up on the month.

In the video, we go over the correct mindset along with the trading system results. Yesterday's video on Sean McVey spotter is so relevant on day's like today, flu or no flu, FOMC or no FOMC. Mindset and consistency is so important.

We also have some website updates in the video below for the books and Members Login.

Sending some of the signals to Collective 2 the last couple of months. You can follow that strategy here.

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