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New NinjaTrader 8 Trading Systems

Posted by David Bean on

NinjaTrader 8 was officially released in the past month and we are working quickly to update the NinjaTrader 7 strategies so that they work in NinjaTrader 8. With the update of Cobra Bonds to Cobra Bonds II, we have our first NinjaTrader 8 strategy release. We compare the results of Cobra Bonds II in Tradestation and NinjaTrader 8.

We love the new platform and the ability to run Market Replay strategies since we are currently doing research and development on Level II market depth based strategies and NinjaTrader 8 now includes all 10 levels are market depths and with the tick data market replay, we are able to do some in depth research on any idea we have for Level II order book patterns that we may observe.

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