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New 25K Portfolio

Posted by David Bean on

Trading the 200K Aggressive Portfolio has been challenging as we have seen the brunt of the drawdown. Taking our "foot off the gas" we examine a 25K Portfolio that uses six of the low frequency strategies in the 200K Portfolio. This portfolio also includes access to two additional strategies, SR CounterTrend IV and Cobra III NQ. 

In my opinion, it is difficult to program an algorithm to take trades in the middle of the day with this much volatility. Cobra III and Soybeans Swing have been around for years and are proven so we include those along with SR CounterTrend II which tests well across a wide range of markets. Entering at extreme support and resistance levels with a maximum of one trade per day in the SR CounterTrend II strategy helps us to limit risk and provides us with trading opportunities.

Download MHT and XML Files for 25K Strategies
This includes all 8 strategies shown in the video
Includes $25 Round Turn Slippage and Commission

We go over the setup in the video below with the performance and sign up below the video. 

25K Portfolio Hypothetical Performance Summary

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