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Multi Strategy Automation in Crude Oil

Posted by David Bean on

I like to trade multiple strategies for diversification of trading methodology. If you only trade one type of strategy, then you can experience extended periods of time where your strategy is out of sync with the current market environment. Multiple strategies gives me a better chance in my opinion based on experience since any one strategy can go through a sideways to two year draw down period or stop working all together. I should say, it is also possible to put together multiple strategies of different methodologies and still experience an extended period of losses and draw downs. 

There are times when your trend and counter trend strategies can all lose in one day or go through periods where they both go through drawdowns at the same time. There can also be periods of time when they all do well. We have an example of trend and counter trend crude oil strategies taking trades today at the same time. This gives us an opportunity to discuss multiple strategy automation of the same symbol in Crude Oil.

You can see the complete Tradestation webinar for Gap Fill and Reverse here.

You can get the strategy from "Algorithmic Trading Systems"

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