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Monthly Results for the Portfolios

Posted by David Bean on

All of the portfolio results have been updated for February. You can select any of the portfolios from the menu to see the latest results. It was about breakeven across the board with Tick Pulse really weighing on the portfolios with losses of 1700 after slippage and commission. Tick Pulse aggressively seeks to find intra-day trends. Intra-day trends in February were challenging to find. 

We add Exhaust and Reverse to the 100K and 1 Million Dollar Portfolio. The 1 Million Dollar will be adding some additional strategies. If you are a subscriber, we have sent you the new strategies. Trade these two strategies on the E-mini S&P would be a two system portfolio to consider.

The goal of a portfolio is to maximize gains when the market conditions are right and minimize losses when market conditions are not favorable. The market conditions this month were not favorable and the results were around break even.

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