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Live Silver Trade and 20 Years on E-mini S&P

Posted by David Bean on

SR CounterTrend II took a trade today in Silver. We recorded some of the trade live. After the video, it hit is profit target. There was no slippage on the entry or exit as you can see in the screen shot below based on the account number starting with 210. It would be fun to have a trading room but we don't trade all day every day and some days there are no trades.

We tested SR CounterTrend II v2 on the E-mini S&P going back 20+ years to 11/1/1997, which is the beginning of the E-mini S&P historical data. I hadn't tested this much history on this variation of the strategy until today and was excited to see the results. The average trade profit is over $70. Other than Cobra III E-mini S&P, I don't have another stock index strategy that tests this well.

The video and reports are below. Download the Tradestation workspaces reports below the video. You must have a subscription or the workspaces won't work.

Final SR CounterTrend II Silver Trade Result
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