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Good Friday Holiday Trade

Posted by David Bean on

Tomorrow the markets are closed for the Holiday. There should be no data as the futures markets will not have a typical half day of trading based on the CME Group Holiday Calendar.
You should not need the DontTradeOnHoliday function since there will be no data going through but the DontTradeOnHoliday functions have been updated to exclude tomorrow.
If you are a Tradestation or MultiCharts subscriber, the update was added to your latest subscription that was sent at the beginning of the month.
All of the markets we trade close at the regular time. Soybeans Swing is long and Crude Oil After Hours could hold a trade over the weekend. You can exit at the close and re-enter Sunday night at your discretion to remove weekend risk. Keep in mind, it can reduce your risk but adversely affect your results since the strategies hold positions over the weekend. For example, if you are long Crude Oil over the weekend and there is a geo political event that causes Crude Oil to gap up, you can miss a winner.
I did not have time to make a video today but the latest trades for today can be seen below in the 100K Portfolio workspace.

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