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Gold, Silver, Crude Oil Futures

Posted by David Bean on

We look at some of the trades this week in Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil futures. There were some equity peaks on Wednesday followed by a series of losses on Thursday. Silver captured a nice trade this morning, hitting its profit target. We go over all the details in the video below for some of the Metal and Energy trades the last few days in NinjaTrader 8, (same trades that occurred in other platforms).

We also go over the SR Exit Level input in SR the SR CounterTrend trading system. If this is True, it will exit longs at the resistance level before it hits the profit target if the resistance level occurs before, and at a lower price, than the profit target. Likewise, it will exit shorts at support before it hits its profit target if support occurs before, and at a higher price, than the profit target. One of the features that I like about NinjaTrader 8 is how the charts have tabs. We discuss this in the video.

Also one of the top strategies this week has been the Aggressive version of Soybeans Swing. We mentioned this in May as we compared the conservative and aggressive version. If you have the Conservative version, you can trade the aggressive version by setting the first True/False input from False to True. A screen shot of the trades this week for the Aggressive version are below.

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