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E-mini Nasdaq Momentum Reversals

Posted by David Bean on

Momentum has been tricky lately. The way the market runs up and then pulls back is delayed in the stock indexes. There is a burst of momentum and then a "back and fill" order flow in the price action.
Based on market observations that I continue to see in the market over the last 6 months, I finally put together two methods to help me with my trading in the E-mini Nasdaq for the rest of 2019. I used a proprietary indicator in a new way to determine short term trends and found the right timing method for entering on pullbacks.
This strategy represents what I am seeing in the Stock Indexes. Momentum and volatility are there but the timing is key if you are day trader and using the right pullback method is critical.
The strategy works based on two factors:
1.) A great method for determining the short term trend
2.) The right timing to start on pullbacks.
I share some details in the video below. The Special Offer is only through Tuesday at noon and for Tradestation and MultiCharts. It can be traded on the E-minis or the Micros.
This method is new and different than what I typically use. I typically prefer a longer trend indicator. The lookback is more variable and different than any method I have ever used to determine the trend and none of my other strategies use the momentum indicator. I love having diversity in my trading and adding this to my approach for the rest of 2019.
E-mini Nasdaq Momentum Reversals
Hypothetical Performance Summary


Since it is new and has a short record, and a holiday weekend. The Special Offer is for the annual subscription and open code is below so that you can modify the strategy and add your own methods to it. Its not easy to find strategies that test this well based on market observations. It is normal if 99 out of 100 strategy development sessions are "failures". For me, this is one of those victories.

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