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Day Trading Bitcoins

Posted by David Bean on

We found this website that shows you the tick by tick quotes for bitcoins. I have watched Bitcoins trade since 2008 but have yet to trade or invest in it. I am researching it more though now and see it as a potential long term buy and hold 20 year investment. It could go to zero though. The day trader in me is also looking for a realistic way to capitalize on this highly inefficient market. For the most part, stay with exchange traded products!

We go over some of the trades for today. Gap Fill and Reverse Nymex and Brent Crude had a nice V Bottom type of entry and Tick Pulse E-mini S&P is short. We will see if there is some selling into the close, opposite of last Friday, which rallied and closed on the highs. Tick Pulse could also reverse to a long if the market starts to rally.

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