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Crude Oil Long or Short?

Posted by David Bean on

The QS I Crude Oil Trading System is one of the best ways to participate in the massive moves of the energy markets while managing your risk to 30 points per trade or $300. While QS I Crude Oil Long is down on the month, I'm still bullish as Crude Oil is down about $6 per barrel from the highs earlier this month. If you trade Crude Oil using a long term or swing trade strategy, that holds positions overnight, you would need at least a $6 per barrel or $6,000 stop loss in my opinion.

The good news is, you can trade the short side of the QS I Trading System with the exact same parameters. The last 3 months, the short side of this trading system "called" almost $10 per barrel in profits and shows a net gain over the last 12 months. 

You could pick a side, long or short or trade both at the same time. We show you how in the video below. 


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