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CounterTrend MAX in MultiCharts

Posted by David Bean on

CounterTrend MAX is our latest countertrend strategy that goes long and short. The special offers runs through tomorrow.

In the video below, we show you the latest results in MultiCharts. We show you the latest equity and drawdown curve. I love how MultiCharts displays the drawdown curve with the equity curve so you can see the cyclical nature of the strategy. If you like to get in on dips in the equity curve, this is a great entry point. We also show you the results if you flip the profit target and stop loss values. (the results are still very favorable)

Tick Pulse has done well the last few days picking up 4 winners out of the last 5 and jumping in on these moves. CounterTrend MAX is flat today - which is good since it is countertrend! Having a trend and counter trend strategy is an approach that we recommend since the market cycles through different modes (trend and counter trend).

The special offer is below the video.

CounterTrend Max


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