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Counter Trend Trading the Stock Index Futures

Posted by David Bean on

Are we headed for another Dot Com bubble? It has been 20+ year since we have seen parabolic moves at new highs and a really strong year in stocks that takes us to new all time highs with double digit returns. I would not be surprised to see 2300 or higher in the S&P by the end of the year for a Santa Clause rally.

How do we trade this? Tick Pulse and Tick Count Trend I & II are a couple of the approaches we recommend.

Tick Count Trend II is a counter trend version of Tick Count Trend. I dismissed it and did not release it because the average trade profit was too low in my opinion. It is one of those strategies that is doing better in the future than it has in the past. I always hate it when I dismiss a strategy and come back several years later to see how well it has done during a blind walk forward test.

As the market makes new highs today, Tick Pulse hit its profit target on its first trade and is long again on its second trade of the day. It is always nice to ride the market as it makes new highs. Many will be tempted to short it, but be careful!

Strategies like Tick Pulse, Tick Count Trend, and Tick Count Trend II are the strategies to trade in this market and if it starts to make parabolic moves. I will be sending out the Tick Count Trend II update to current licensees of Tick Count Trend. If you do not have Tick Count Trend or Tick Pulse, you can get a lifetime license for Tick Pulse and Tick Count Trend I and II with the lifetime license purchase of Tick Pulse.

I continue to be optimistic about the opportunities for short term trading as we have seen an uptick in trading system performance and believe the cycle is in our favor for several years now after going through some more challenging years of less trendy markets.

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