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Bear Market Trading Tools

Posted by David Bean on

The Stock Index Portfolio is a bear market tool that will take both long and short trades in the stock index futures. It is a risk managed tools that can be used to seek profitability in your investment portfolio when the stock market under performs or is in a bear market.

The Stock Index Portfolio includes 30 different algorithms that take trend and counter trend trades. This portfolio is flexible enough to adjust and trade during bull markets and participates in low volatility dip buying when VIX is low.

When the VIX and ranges start to increase, this portfolio has the tendency to be in sync with the market taking short trades while also seeking returns by taking long trades during counter trend moves and short covering.

As of August 2019, the most bearish fundamental is the China trade war and bond yields quickly dropping to near all time lows.

Seeing 30 Year Bonds near all time highs with the quick move up, is probably one of the more scary bear market fundaments for stocks in my opinion.

TToday's Gold trades and the 200K Portfolio.


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