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100K Modified Portfolio for June 2018

Posted by David Bean on

This is what I'm trading in June. There is about 8k of risk to worse case drawdown and it includes SR CounterTrend II and SR CounterTrend II v2 as well as six of our other strategies already in the portfolios.

If you are a current 100K subscriber and want to update to this modified version, Contact Us.

If you want to trade this modified version of the 100K Portfolio you can sign up below or if you want me to trade it for you, Contact Us for more details.

We are risking 10K on this setup. The cycle is there as the last two months have been down and historically, this setup has not had more than two losing months in a row and typically "bounces back" in this scenario. June through November is a stronger season for these strategies.

Gold Flash is the only strategy trading today and already hit is profit target.


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