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Seven Trading Systems - Chapter 3 Review

Posted by David Bean on

What is a good day trade strategy worth to you? It took me 5 years to develop my first day trade strategy. One of the ways I learned to develop trading systems and to get started was by example. I bought books with code or specific rules. Most of them didn't have good out of sample results.

One of my favorite books was Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading by Larry Williams. I programmed the strategies as the code wasn't there but the rules were clearly listed. All of the out of sample results failed! I still found the book very valuable and appreciate Larry for publishing this book. It was a great learning resource. Joe Krustinger was another one of my favorite trading system book authors.

I released "Seven Trading Systems for the S&P Futures" in July 2010 on Amazon. The original book and code is still there on Amazon. Chapter 3 is a standout as we take a look at the out of sample performance. This is a very simple strategy. I give you the code and encourage you to test it for yourself and even "improve it" by adding additional rules. The opportunity to get the code for a strategy with good out of sample results for a nearly 9 year old strategy is a rare opportunity that I have never come across and share with you today.

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