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Day Trading the DAX with Money Management Algorithms

Posted by David Bean on

When VIX is low, consider trading the "big indexes" such as the DAX. There is some opportunity there. With our Money Management Algorithms, we offer DAX Cobra CT III, DAX Cobra CT IV, and DAX Cobra CT V as open code examples. We are converting them to NinjaTrader 8 and have DAX Cobra CT III in the Members Area updated today with DAX Cobra CT IV and DAX Cobra CT V soon to follow. 

The base version is good but simply applying a couple of hand pick rules (not optimized) from the Money Management Algorithms, we improve the average trade profit while maintaining the total net profit and reduce the max drawdown (which is important in the DAX).
Here are a couple of the latest stats. This is not a strategy I have been trading but will consider adding.
Hypothetical Results (3/4/2009 - 7/22/2018)
Slippage and Commission Not Included
                                                            Base Strategy            With Money Management Algorithm
Total Net Profit                                   $133,400.00                           $139,237.50
Total Trades                                        1725                                        1016
Average Trade Profit                        $77.33                                    $137.04    
Max Drawdown                               $18,612.50                              $7,450.00

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