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Can You Turn Losers into Winners?

Posted by David Bean on

Today we release the NinjaTrader 8 version of the Money Management Algorithms. Our first test was the Simple Moving Average on 15 second charts in NT8 with Rule 6 which waits for the strategy to be down $50 per contract before getting in. It also uses a $500 stop loss and $500 profit target and exits at 4:14:00 pm EST if still in the trade. The Money Management Algorithm took the strategy from 9000+ trades to less than 200 trades and made it a profitable strategy. 

We will be testing this on Market Replay to verify but like the concept of using classical patterns that may not work in the long run but use the Money Management Algorithm (also know as the Equity Curve Algorithm) to find the windows of time that it does work. It is a more contrarian approach than developing a great strategy (that you may not realize is optimized) and hoping it doesn't fail in the future or trying to determine an exit strategy when it isn't working. This approach takes a know classical pattern or indicator knowing that it won't work most of the time but identifying when it will work.

Again, this is new stuff so take it at face value and test it before you use it!

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