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How to Improve Your Trading System with Money Management Algorithms

Posted by David Bean on

The equity curve algorithms can be used as a trading system for your trading system to improve the overall results and return of your trading algorithm. If you want to reduce risk, boost average trade profit, improve entry efficiency, or increase overall return, the Money Management Algorithms have a wide range of rules that can be used to improve your trading system results.

While your trading system makes market based decisions, the equity curve algorithm trades your trading system. This advanced technique can improve a trading system. In many cases your trading systems starts to "degrade" from the time you begin trading it. This is not always the case but many systems begin to under perform on new market data. 

You don't fail as a trader when you system degrades. You do fail as a trader when you ignore that fact that it is degrading. You have to have a way to manage it. The Money Management Algorithms are an ideal technique for managing your trading systems.

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