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Hacking Tick Pulse with the Money Management Algorithms

Posted by David Bean on

Tick Pulse went through a worse case draw down for about a 30 day period. The exact opposite of all signals did really well for about 30 days. The equity curve had been choppy but the price action from October 28 through November 30 was different than any price action I have seen in the stock indexes. I have been testing many different rules to improve this setup. I have not found one. It is difficult to know what to do with a strategy that takes a 30 day deviation where the exact opposite would have worked well to the tune of about 20k per contract.

Instead of changing the strategy, two of my favorite Money Management Algorithms are the best way to hack Tick Pulse for now. Monitoring the average trade profit with my Money Management Algorithms has always been one of my favorite rules to make sure I am trading a strategy that is still working or to stop a strategy going into a drawdown by measuring the average trade profit for the last 10 trades. Using the average trade profit along with the Pinpoint Entry using a 1 point loss to start taking trades creates a more selective setup.

As always, its easier to show you in the video than to type it out in detail. We go over a setup that takes 150 trades in the last 14 months with almost a $200 average trade profit and a 2k max drawdown.

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